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fall-clip-art-th    Autumn begins officially on September 22nd this year. We think of cooler temperatures, football games, and colored leaves. It’s also time for apple picking, pumpkins, and harvesting the last crops in our gardens. Gardeners among us need to uproot annuals that are starting to look tired after blooming all summer long. Their beauty11949861411952951849tree_whit_fruits_01-svg-thumb is fading and we are anxious to replace them with chrysanthymums and other hardy fall favorites. The days are growing shorter and the nights are lengthening. We make preparations for these changes and so do the animals. Squirrels are gathering acorns, birds are again frequenting feeders and hummingbirds are readying for their departure to their winter home.

As I read Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 this morning, I focused on the line “a time to plant and a time to uproot.” Spring is the time to plant and look forward to the rebirth of favorite trees and perennials. What was once brown begins to show signs of life. In autumn the opposite occurs. Grass is beginning to wither and crops like corn and soybean are drying in the fields. Soon they will be uprooted and the fields will lay bare. Maybe it’s time we uprooted the unnecessary things in our lives. Perhaps we need to do some “autumn cleaning.” I need to spend more time in scripture, more time listening to Christian music, and more time reaching out to others. I first need to weed out the interruptions that I allow to consume my waking hours. That means less time on social media and less time “relaxing” with television programs and secular music. Join me as I uproot the distractions and spendicon029 more time with the Lord. How can I hear Him when I’m occupied with frivolous activities? Yes, it’s time to uproot and plan more time with God.