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Hope I’ve gotten your attention! First of all, it irks me when someone says “No problem!” Usually there is still a problem from my point of view, but I try to swallow my annoyance and smile. Today, I searched “National God Day” after first trying “National Praise God Day” and “National Worship God Day.” using the Silk browser on my kindle. The only responses the latter two elicited were references to the National Day of Prayer. When I tried “National God Day”,  I was asked if I hadn’t meant “National DOG Day” instead! REALLY?!!!



I’ve been accused of being too serious about my faith in the Lord more than once, but this takes the cake! We celebrate everything else with special days and National Dog Day was this past Friday, August 26th. Yes, we can have fun and smile along with others as I did, BUT what about God? He is our Father and the Creator of this world and everything in it. I was surprised to find no mention of Thanksgiving Day. Truly we need to celebrate God every day of the year!  “Sing to God, sing in praise of His name, extol Him who rides on the clouds, rejoice before Him –  His name is the LORD.”  Psalm 68:4

Prayer is our way to communicate with the Lord, but how many of us acknowledge Him on the National Day of Prayer or other days. I’ve heard people say “Well, I pray in church with everyone else.” We need to speak with God personally every day and not just with requests for ourselves or others. Thank God for what He has done in your life. Our Father is ever faithful. Let Him hear from you often. Sing praises to His name!