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hacking a computer hacker


Last week, I was hacked for the first time. It really rattled me because I try to be so careful in my use of Facebook. My first reaction was to quit my email account as well as all social media. That would have included this blogging site.  BUT, then I prayed for God’s guidance to get me through this inconvenience. I also prayed for wisdom, patience, self-control and strength. When faced with problems, I am usually weak and apt to fold. Oh, how I needed the Lord to save me from myself!

My prayers were answered! I felt led to take up the challenge with the Lord as my guide. I’m the first to admit that I’m technologically challenged so this was not as easy as it might appear to others. Romans 8:28 bolstered me. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Yes, God would enable me to see benefits come from this disruption if I kept my focus on Him and followed the Holy Spirit through the maze of social media and Internet concerns.

Having  already experienced suspicious email activity in June, I felt led to discontinue my longstanding email account. Changing my password hadn’t helped then so I terminated service completely, saved almost $40.00 a month, and promoted my secondary email address to be primary. Slowly I transferred my connections over to the new data. It was tedious but God led me through it. I felt encouraged!

Hacking also showed me that friends do care, some more than others. Having received bogus emails, loyal friends called to check on my well being as well as to offer advice regarding improving my security. Again, I felt encouraged!

Finally, I decided that I needed to keep my blog and continue to share the way God has worked in my life. Two days later, I was chosen as one of five Christian bloggers mentioned on the website of Courageous Christian Father –  5 Christian Bloggers to Follow! If I had quit, I would have missed this blessing!

I thank the dear Lord for turning this situation around. Satan tried to derail me, but I maintained my focus on God and He brought so many blessings to me. Without His presence in my life, I would never have been able to succeed. A hack attack brought me benefits!

Girl Working on a Computer