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God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all. (1 John 1:5)

Even though I am retired, I still rise at or before daylight every day. I feel I will miss something if I tarry too long in bed. Once it’s light, I need to be up and check out the world around me. Sometimes when I awaken in the middle of the night, I’m disappointed because it’s too early and I know I need to stay in bed and get more rest. Then daylight arrives and I feel that all is well. God is in control, and no matter what happens His will will reign supreme. Fears of the evening before vanish in the light of day.

As a child, I was never afraid of the dark, except when it came time to go downstairs into our finished basement. I would cut on the light at the head of the stairs and run down as quickly as I could, pick up whatever I needed, and tear back up the stairs to safety. I knew it was silly, but not being able to see clearly scared me. This fear left as I reached adulthood, but to this day I feel uncomfortable if I have a problem and nightfall approaches. The problem seems to grow and become more ominous. Oh, I pray now and find peace, but for a while the darkness looms as a threat.

When we bought our North Carolina cabin, I wanted to place a few nightlights in the combined living/dining/kitchen area to help us navigate if we arose during the dark of night. Imagine my joy to find an angel to light our way. She may have been part of a Christmas display, but she serves as a nightlight for us. Every night we spend in our second home, I find happiness in turning on her light. It has become a ritual. She shines nightly to remind me of the Lord’s blessing in bringing Jim and me to this piece of heaven on earth, His faithfulness to us each and every day, and His amazing love.


Our world has been struck with unimaginable darkness over the past few years. 9/11, senseless mass shootings like that in Newtown and at Mother Emanuel AME Church to name just two, and more recently the attack on police in Dallas and the crowd in Nice celebrating Bastille Day. Innocent people have been killed because of evil and when it happens our world appears to be darkened. God’s light, however, continues to shine in those who respond and offer prayer, compassion, and mercy towards those who have suffered loss. His light never goes out and He will sustain us if we but turn our fears and deep. deep sadness over to him. He will get us through the time to mourn and bring us the encouragement and strength needed to continue on through the dark to His ever shining Light. Claim His Light and hold on tight. Faith will win no matter how dark it seems. His Light is immutable.