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The intricacies of God’s creation astound me. I’ve always been intrigued by the beauty of the tiny hummingbird. How can anyone doubt God’s existence when we view the seemingly endless number of plants and animals He created?  Only an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God could be responsible for this world.

Our North Carolina cabin is located within two miles of the Blue Ridge parkway and about 275 miles from our home in South Carolina, yet they are a world apart in their ecosystems. One is a mountain paradise, cool in the summer due to its high elevation, while the other is located on a rural dirt road on sandy beach-like soil  with summers “hotter than a pepper pudding” as a dear friend used to say. Both bring us joy when we examine the varied flora and fauna they share with us.

Our cabin neighborhood has increased our knowledge of God’s creation and the unique qualities of each “new-to-us” plant. On Thursday we went to the local family restaurant we enjoy in Sparta and were approached by an elderly lady who wanted to know if we would like to purchase some of her leaves. Strange?  No, God was at work! She had gathered them early that morning and had tied bunches together with sewing thread. I wanted to help her and really didn’t think much about the leaves but asked the price ($5.00) and purchased a bunch.


Curiosity got the better of me and we began chatting. The leaves were from the Galax plant. I recognized that name since my husband and I had frequently visited the town of Galax, Virginia (about twenty miles north of us up the Blue Ridge Parkway). I’m always interested in trying my green thumb (a blessing from the Lord above), but I soon learned these leaves  were out of my realm of horticulture. It appears, after some quick research via the web, that they only grow in the forest along a particular stretch of the parkway. They have gained popularity with florists because of their sturdy, attractive, long lasting addition to floral arrangements. Mine will travel back to South Carolina this week and,  I hope, adorn our table there for weeks to come.

Hidden in the depths of the forest, Galax leaves have become prized for their beauty. However, the Lord controls their cultivation. Horticulturists have tried to replicate a growing medium to raise them commercially to no avail. They remain a kind of mystery and are another reason/proof of the existence of God. They are the work of His Hands, and I thank Him for bringing them to us!  How blessed we are to be part of His creation!