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It seems like there’s a day  for celebrating just about anything in our great country. Not too long ago, it was “Hug Your Cat Day.” This led me to wonder if there was a special honor assigned to each day of the year. Imagine my surprise when I ran a search and discovered that there were many celebrations designated for each day, depending on the website accessed. You can even pick a day and begin your own festivity.

Monday, the 27th,  was National Sunglasses Day acpic76as well as National Orange Blossom Day and Helen Keller’s Birthday. Sunday, the 26th, was National Chocolate Pudding Day. I don’t know how that one escaped me, a chocoholic! Today, June 28th, is Paul Bunyan Day. Maybe I could write an original tall tale to commemorate that. Tomorrow is Camera Day and a good excuse to take even more pictures than usual.

You may ask “How does this theme fit a religious post?” Well, I’m getting there. We have a day for celebrating all our favorite things or hobbies. In addition, some sites give you the opportunity to begin a new festive theme day. Our focus is supposed to be on God and Christ Jesus every day, but we only really celebrate Christmas and Resurrection Sunday. We make mention of Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Pentecost to name a few. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, as we celebrate secular days, we praised God for having provided us with the freedom to do so? Without Our Heavenly Father, we would not exist nor have the opportunity to acknowledge the blessings of chocolate pudding, sunglasses and orange blossoms.

Celebrate the love3hearts3d of Our Father God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. Celebrate each and every day as a child of God and a brother of Jesus. Praise His Holy Name and thank Him for EVERYTHING. Celebrate His love for us.