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free_141998               What if you had been present for the crucifixion? Would you have tried to stop it? Would you have wanted Barabbas crucified instead? Those questions were posed at the bible study I attend on Tuesday evenings. Most of us like to think we would not have been part of the mob that screamed for Barabbas to be freed. I have thought long and hard about these questions since that night. Like most of us, I hope I would have been strong enough to protest, but so many times we are not as strong as we think. In my mind the scene is similar to those in the Holocaust when so very many Jews were exterminated or imprisoned to suffer cruel and unimaginable torture by their Nazi captors. How could the people of Germany have condoned this? I have German blood in my veins, and so I am tied to those acts. Crowd mentality takes over and the frenzy, driven out of fear, consumes those who are present. I like to think I would have stood up and declared my loyalty to Christ, BUT I don’t truly know. I know I am a weak Christian at times and I try to grow from the mistakes I have made. I’d like to think I would be like the teenage Christian girl at Columbine High School. When asked by the shooter if she was a Christian , she replied, “Yes,” knowing she would be shot for the answer. She gave her life because she loved Christ more than life itself here on earth. She lives forever with Him now. Praise God for strong Christians! May I find the strength through Him to stand up for that which He gave His life on the cross.