Phillipians 4:6  Don’t worry about anything, instead pray about everything.

We all have concerns so perhaps that’s a silly question, but as believers we all have the ultimate answer to any and every problem. Some problems may be small like a bump in the road of life while others seem insurmountable like a huge crater or abyss. Prayer is always the answer. The Lord hears our outpourings of grief and anxiety. He is always ready to listen but we have to remember to call out to Him. As the tragedy in Paris unfolded this past week, I was thrilled to see people on Facebook calling for prayer for Paris. I have problems with so many postings on social media, but it was a true blessing to see the requests for prayer.

Back in 2001, I was left with what I thought was a problem that would not go away. My dad had become upset with my husband over the construction of our new home. The last straw for him was the trim chosen by us for the windows. Seems crazy but he said he never wanted to see my husband again. I was devastated. I loved my husband and my dad dearly. My worry was compounded by the fact that my dad had closed the door to his mother and siblings in 1965, and he never opened it again! I was crushed, but I realized that prayer was the answer. I prayed, my husband prayed, and I requested prayer from a dear friend , who happened to be a pastor. I continued to visit my father daily. The upset continued from early August through the September 11th attack and into November. Prayers were answered on the afternoon before Thanksgiving. My dad’s heart began to soften and he agreed to have Thanksgiving dinner with my husband and myself. Oh, I was so thankful! My heavenly Father had accomplished what only He could do! Praise His Holy Name!

A few years ago, my friend was asking advice of any and every one regarding a health concern. She was especially  leaning on a person that I didn’t believe was qualified to help. I told her that she needed to speak with people less and God more! At the time I know it upset her, but I was speaking from experience. Many times people mean well, but they give advice that would be better left unspoken. Take it to the Lord! He listens, He soothes us, and He will handle the concern if we are but patient and truly leave it in His hands. Remember He created us and He loves us!  His answer is the best and the only one that can bring us true peace.