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A few years ago, I came across another treasure in the Allegheny Ministerium Thrift Shop that Jim and I like to frequent on trips to our NC cabin. It was a framed poster of a poem written by Flavia. The print was set on a green background, and this strengthened its appeal to me since both of our homes are painted green. I first thought I would display it on the front porch of the cabin, but the words so touched my heart that I wanted to be able to see them more frequently. Thus, I brought it to Conway and hung it on our front porch here. May these words paint a picture in your mind:


God’s Porch

If I could sit across the porch from God,

I’d thank Him for starry skies, for moonlit nights, and for walks in the rain.

I’d thank Him for loving and being loved, for memories, and for the promise of tomorrow.

I’d thank Him for listening to the wishes of a child, for the magic in the touch of a hand, for friends and family, and for the dreams we dream.

If I could sit across the porch from God, I’d thank Him for the wisdom of time, the grace of hope, and for all the wonder found in this miraculous journey we call life.

Unfortunately a storm ruined the frame two years ago and I placed the print in my laundry room, intending to re-frame it and display it once again. “Out of sight, out of mind!” I’d forgotten it until our house flooding required the contents of our home to be packed out. The Lord blessed my efforts by my re-discovery of the print, which will once again be posted to the front porch.

We all need a special, quiet place where we can sit and speak with the Lord. A front or back porch, a table under an oak, a really comfy seat by the fireplace, a walk on the beach, a park bench? Choose a place that warms your heart. For me, it helps to be outside surrounded by God’s creatures, a spot where I can sit and be amazed by the sights and sounds of Nature. I want to thank Him for sharing His World with me and opening my eyes to the beauty that’s all around me. Pure gratitude for placing me on this earth and loving me as His Child. What a miraculous God we serve!