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Phillipians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!

This past week has proven to be a difficult one for my husband and myself. We returned from the mountains of North Carolina to find our house flooded by a water leak. Jim is eighty years old now and I’m sixty-eight so we’re not as physically or mentally enabled to deal with this as we once might have been. I get frustrated with my limitations but then as I pray God restores my balance and hope for the future. Truly I can’t begin to fathom all the blessings He has showered on us during this trial. The damage is quite extensive and we are looking at a minimum of six weeks living out somewhere. Through it all I can see God’s faithfulness and protection. My desire to share our lows and highs with you is to bring encouragement to others facing trials of one form or another.

When we discovered the water, I tried to call the plumber we had come to depend upon during the last few years. His phone number had been reassigned and I was at a loss as to what to do. I called the gentleman who used to help us with repairs of any nature. He had retired three years ago, but I hoped he would be able to direct me to a plumber. Also this was at about 6:00PM, so I was truly concerned. When I phoned our old friend and dependable repairman, he laughed and said he knew someone and the fellow was sitting next to him! Sure enough, they came over a short time later and were able to cap off the leak, visit with us, offer help in vacuuming the water and offer their sympathy. Thinking back over this later that evening, I could see God’s Hand in having the plumber so readily available and so willing to offer immediate aid. Praise His Holy Name!

Before the plumber had arrived and shortly after discovering the leak, Jim and I paused to thank God for our safe return from North Carolina and asked for guidance through the complications of the water damage. It truly shook us to the core. I thought back to Hurricane Hugo and knew I was twenty-five years younger then and that this was much more extensive in the damage it wreaked. That night I went to Facebook and requested prayer from friends and family for His strength, courage, wisdom, guidance and discernment in dealing with the insurance company and water restoration firm. The only way through our problem would come through Him.

We have been relocated to a LaQuinta Inn on 21st Avenue North in Myrtle Beach. It’s about 30 miles from our house but would accept our two house pets, Rudy and Freckles. We’d wanted to avoid beach traffic on this busy week before Labor Day, but we accepted the accommodations and arrived on Friday evening. The traffic we dreaded at 6:00PM was not at all bad and we thanked the Lord for our safety and surroundings. Yes, God is good!

Well, our first night was okay and we took Saturday off at the motel to rest and regroup. Our thought processes are not what they once were but God is always with us! What more do we need? Friends have lifted us in prayer and continue to do so. We have been offered places to stay, but our two buddies are a bit to handle and we don’t want to inflict them on anyone else!

Saturday night took a turn for the worse. The couple who checked in next to us have a small dog that woke up every two hours and barked. It woke us and our pets up, and they barked. I was able to quiet them but then had difficulty going back to sleep. At 4:30AM, I gave up and took them out for an early potty break. Exiting the motel, I heard loud voices raised in anger as we started to the designated pet area, I quickly turned the boys around and we finished our break as quickly as possible. I decided to re-enter through another entrance for our safety and wanted to report the fight to management. In the lobby, I called out but no one responded, so I headed through the building to our rooms. On the way, I passed a motel employee and reported the fight. He acknowledged that he was on the way to the office to call police. I made it back to our room and alerted Jim to the incident. Soon an ambulance and four police cars had arrived. Later I was questioned by a police detective to discern what I had observed or heard. I shared all I knew and learned there had been a shooting! This all occurred right outside our window in the parking lot where I had walked with our two boys numerous times the day before. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord had spared all our lives. A stray bullet could have even come through the window! Praise God for his faithfulness and protection. Prayers are so obviously being answered. Thank you, dear Lord!

Today we will discover what the true extent of the damage is and what the insurance company will agree to do. We want to relocate after our incident Saturday night, but last night all four of us had a peaceful, restful night! Yes, God is good all the time; all the time, God is good!

Your prayers as we continue along this road would truly be appreciated. We are blessed; we have the Lord with us, we have one another, and we will have food, shelter and clothing. Rejoicing in His love, we will be renewed!