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Luke 10:27 He (Jesus) answered, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind …”

There is a new addition to the Hucks’ menagerie that inspired this post. We have been adopted by another stray, this time, a cat! He first began joining our cats at their feed bowls about six months ago. In April I noticed he had a bad ear infection and I prayed to God that the little fellow would let me pick him up and get him veterinary attention. That prayer was answered and we had him on the road to recovery, but when it came time to get his inoculations and neutering done, I was unable to capture him at the appropriate time. Then last month he came to me with a really bad abscessed face. Again I prayed for God to enable me to get him treatment. My prayers were answered and so while we went to our NC cabin, Slim went to Dr. Coker’s for boarding, shots and neutering. Oh, Jim and I had named him Slim Pickens because in comparison to our other cats, he was quite slim.


Enough about cats? Sorry, there’s more to the story. When we brought Slim back home, we all realized that he was truly ours and had come home to stay. He now claims the front porch as his domain. but is willing to share it and feeding time with Boots, Jeeves, Widget, and Frick. Our two small male dogs, Rudy and Freckles, had wanted to chase him. Rudy, I believe thought he was a opossum since he is the only cat we have that isn’t black. The boys have come to accept him, mostly because he is bold enough to spit and tell them to leave him alone!

Now on to the main reason for this story! Slim has absolutely fallen in love with me! He rises immediately whenever I come outside and wants to follow me around the yard. He sidles up to me, purring with all his might and rubs against me. The love and affection just pours out from him to me. I think it is gratitude for having tended to his wounds. This love fest began as soon as he came back from his vet stay. It amuses me and I accept it as his way of saying thank you for having saved him. Yes, his love for me is clearly demonstrated every day. He doesn’t want to take his eyes off me and even calls out to me with meows when he is a distance away. There is no doubt that he feels loved, especially as he gets petted, and he would rub against me for hours if I’d only stay still. Yes, he loves me with all his heart and mind. So I leave you with this question to ponder. Would anyone observing your behavior on a daily basis know that you love God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind? Meditate on this, dear friends. I have and I will continue to do so, especially since I have old Slim around to remind me!