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Matthew 16:23 “…Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me …”

Satan attacked me with a vengeance this morning. I know it was Satan working against me, because it was a stumbling block to my work for the Lord. I’d decided that it was time to post to my blog. Well, I’d written about scriptural advice against horoscopes and fortune telling. My efforts to share my posts were suddenly blocked! No postings to Facebook or Google Plus, actually no sharings with any of my feeds! This computer-challenged human was in trouble. Everything had worked on the past post. I was furious! I prayed for God’s help and made some changes, but still couldn’t publish to my accounts.

I am usually a weak Christian, ready to throw in the towel at the the first problem, obstacle or confrontation. I always pray for God to strengthen me, to give me wisdom and discernment, and to convict me when necessary. The thought came to me that maybe I just needed to quit blogging. Computer malfunctions were stressing me out. Then my prayers were answered! I found the answer in my Word Press suggestions for problem solving although the problem had to have occurred due to Satan pulling some strings!

I decided to do my morning walk. As I walked I spoke to Our Father and raved against this attack by Satan. I’d been so pleased by the progress I’d made sharing my blog over the past few months. For me, this was a huge task, but God led me through it and I now post regularly (twice a week at least) to over ten Christian communities. I also read other Christian blogs on a daily basis and thank God for leading me to the encouragement offered on the net by fellow Christians. There’s a whole world of brothers and sisters in Christ out there if we but search for them. I have prayed that I would be able to touch someone with my writings. I’m not interested in the number of readers or followers I have. It’s nice to know I’m reaching more people, but I pray that I am able to inspire or encourage or advise someone in  their Christian walk. To bring someone closer to the Lord is a lofty goal, but I know that others have been able to do that for me. My site is dedicated to God’s love for us and I want to share that love!

As I continued walking and praying, I told Satan to get behind me, to bug off, or as my Girl Scout leader once said to intruders, “evaporate!” I was angry and I told Satan to leave me alone in Jesus’ name. I said it aloud, because Satan is not able to hear our thoughts. Only God can know our thoughts. Satan is weaker than our God and we must remember that. I also reminded myself that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” (Phillipians 4:13) God’s already won the battle against his fallen angel! We are victors too if we keep His word in our hearts and minds to stave off the arrows Satan attempts to shoot at us. I think of Paul and his strength through all the beatings and imprisonment. My attack was nothing in comparison, but my prayers for strength are being answered. Spiritual warfare is an ongoing battle and we need to put on the armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18) daily and be aware of Scripture that will bring us through the battle.

I decided to share this attack, because just as God brought me through it, He will bring you through whatever stumbling block Satan puts in your path. Focus on God and His strength, the mind of Christ He gave to all believers and the gifts He gave all of us to stand in victory against Satan. We have the Holy Spirit, His Word, the fruits of the Spirit and His armor to counter Satan’s moves. We are victors in His Name!