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1 Timothy 6:12a (NIV) Fight the good fight of the faith.

On June 28th of 1982, I wrote a poem. I was alone and in despair. I had left my husband of four years and was trying to decide if I would go back to him or not. I was crying out to God for help, but I really didn’t have a relationship with the Lord at this point in my life. I was in trouble and I begged Him to help me. What’s so unique about this incident is the fact that I never wrote another poem, and the poem I produced that night was based on 1 Timothy 6:12a, but I had no way to know that fact. At the time, my knowledge of scripture was limited to the stories I had heard in Sunday School as a child and the poem was inspired by my love for the hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers.” I first gave it the same title, but over twenty-five years later, I re-named it “Fight The Good Fight.” The re-naming came about when I realized that the thirteenth line came from this verse in 1 Timothy. My biblical knowledge had increased, and I was amazed to see how the Holy Spirit had led me that night so long ago. I share this poem with you now.

Fight The Good Fight

      Errors will happen along the way, but through it all is a plan

      Take His Hand and stand firm, even in erring right will come along

      Believe and trust, this we must for tomorrow will come for us to adjust

      Our life, hopes, desires, wishes

      Wrong we knew, and yet were bent

      Looking for a way, our lives are spent

      Trust in Him who knows it all

      Life, love, living each and every day

      Be true to your heart, let it lead the way

      Don’t dwell on wrongs, be open to the right

      Let life and love shine through

      For our destiny is written, but for us to discover

      Fight the good fight

      Satan is there, ever tempting

      Life with God – the reward in sight

      Struggle with all your might

      Your plan and His are one

      Now make the battle won!

      Onward Christian soldiers, onward life, living, love

      And belief will make it so!

The Lord answered my plea that night. I didn’t know anything about spiritual warfare at that time, but I was in a battle. I knew the devil was tempting me. It was a difficult struggle. My husband was an alcoholic. I decided to go back to him and stayed with him until cancer claimed his life seventeen years later. The Lord brought me/us through that battle. His Hand was upon us even when we were weak and when my husband passed, He had brought both of us into His family, providing all we needed to get through the most difficult time in our lives. Oh, yes, God is good and He loves His children!