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Genesis 1:31 God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.

How or where do you see God? Have you seen God? Interesting or disturbing question? About ten years ago, I came across a child’s view in a devotional. The young boy was in Vacation Bible School where all the children were asked to draw a picture of their favorite person from the Bible. As the teacher went around the room, she spoke to each one about his picture. Most had chosen Moses or David. When she came to this boy and asked whom he had chosen to depict, the child replied that he was drawing God. She immediately said, “But we don’t know what God looks like!” Undaunted, the child responded, “Well, you will when I finish!” Oh, the faith of that child!

I decided to share this story after coming across the following poem framed in a North Carolina Blue Ridge mountain thrift shop that Jim and I frequent to look for treasures that God sends our way. Checking the internet prior to posting I found it was written by Helen Steiner Rice for a greeting card. I hope it speaks to you as it spoke to me.

A Challenge For Good Living

I have never seen God, but know how I feel,

It’s people like you that make Him so real,

My God is no stranger, He is friendly and gay,

And does not ask me to weep when I pray,

It seems like I pass Him so often each day

In the faces of people I meet on my way.

He is the stars of the heavens, a smile on some face,

A leaf on a tree, a rose in a vase,

He is winter, and autumn, and summer, and spring,

In short is a very real and wonderful thing

I wish I might meet Him much more than I do,

I would if there were more people like you.

Yes, God is all around us if we but open our eyes to the beauty he shares each and every day. I see Him in the smiles of friends and strangers alike, the mountains as well as the seashore and all spots in between, the sky and its wonders, truly everywhere. He’s open for conversation 24/7 and listens much better than me! How blessed we are when we see!