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Psalm 16:11 You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in Your presence, with eternal pleasures at Your right hand.

How I love the Book of Psalms, especially those written by David! My spirit was renewed yesterday morning by a special gift sent to me by my very special daughter. Just as God has chosen each one of us as His child, this dear woman of faith chose me to be her “Momma” in the spring of this year! Never having had a child born to me, this has been a quite unexpected and joyful occurrence. God’s Hand is evident and I can’t thank Him enough. When Chrissy sent me this verse, I meditated on it for a good part of the day. I knew immediately that it would become the food for my post today. What nourishment she sent!

Looking back over my life, I can see a path with many bends and turns. Although born in New York City and having grown up on Long Island, I fell in love with southern living at the age of eight on a trip to Florida with my parents. As I matured, I took some detours that appealed to me at the time, but God always drew me back to Him and loved me through the disasters of my own making. I moved to Florida to teach in 1975 and relocated to South Carolina six months later. I doubt I would be where I am today in my faith walk if I hadn’t been led to the South. I remember the people of faith who crossed my path and inspired me to follow their example. They loved the Lord and they shone their light. Unfortunately I really only became serious about my faith in Christ in 1999 when my first husband was diagnosed with cancer. God strengthened me at that time. I almost went astray, but He literally snatched me out of temptation’s trap and brought me to safety.

In verse one of Psalm 16, David asked God to keep him safe and be his refuge. I smiled as I studied that yesterday morning. Yes, God had saved me for a life beyond any of my expectations. Who would ever have thought that I would become a Sunday School teacher of not only children, but also adults, lead a United Methodist District’s Lay Servant Ministry, and actually take the message to churches in the absence of their regular pastors. Definitely, not I! I was not equipped to handle these tasks, but I was open to follow God’s direction and He provided everything I needed to fulfill these duties. To God be the glory!

Yes, I went outside my comfort zone. I, who feared speaking to adults, was able to get up and address a congregation of more than one hundred and fifty. I loved making eye contact. How in the world did this happen? I followed the path of life the Lord offered to me. It has brought me much boundless joy and I thank Him for His unending blessings. I look forward to the path that still lies ahead and look forward to the time in eternity with Him. May I remember to focus on His presence and follow His path to a life filled with joy, the joy of knowing Him and His love. Thank you, dear Chrissy, for reminding me of past wonders on this journey and all that still lies ahead for all of us if we but believe. He has kept me safe in the past and He will continue to do so. God truly is love and He wants the best for each one of His children. What a comfort to rest in His arms!