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“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.” Romans 12:10a

Yesterday, I remembered that I’d overlooked the 93rd birthday of a very special friend, a dear lady whom I’d met in 2002 at Sunday School. Over the next three short years, we spent some quality time together at church activities and one wonderful week at Lake Junaluska. Then it was time for her to move back to Virginia, closer to her family. Oh, how I have missed her. She always has a smile on her face and a joke or pleasant word to exchange. I can still remember the time I called to chat and she was laughing, saying something about breaking her wrist. I was waiting for the punch line to a joke, but no, she was serious. That’s the Virginia I know and love! Well, I went to my cellphone and found her number. She picked up and my heart was filled with joy and love. Jim and I had sent roses for her 90th birthday, but I think this phone call touched her even more. There was that beautiful voice, filled to bubbling with God’s love for others. We talked briefly for she was taking a day trip, but she did ask me to call again soon! We parted with phone hugs and “I love you’s”! Thank, You, dear Lord, for reminding me that I’d missed a special day. Help me, dear God, to reach out to my friends that have moved or that don’t do Facebook. We all love that touch, be it by phone or in person.