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Do you see God’s Hand in your daily happenings? If you do, how do you thank Him for His special touch? I’m referring to those things that happen which some people refer to as coincidences or being lucky. As a believer, I refuse to use such terms. They are blessings from our Father to His loved ones and need to be acknowledged. Sometimes I do so audibly and other times silently, but I just can’t hold it in and not acknowledge His love.

Sunday we were blessed with an opportunity to celebrate the high school graduation of Jim’s great grand niece! When we received the invitation, we were both thrilled and truly wanted to be there, but it would involve a two hour trip each way. Jim’s chronic pain issues and medication limit his daily activities and this undertaking would be a challenge. Of course, we prayed for God’s blessing, traveling mercies and the strength for him to be able to enjoy the day. Our church family prayed for us also. The entire day was a gift from above! Our trip there was uneventful, but along the way we shared scripture and remarked on the beauty of the countryside. When we arrived at our destination, both of us commented that the trip was so delightful that we’d gladly do it again. We were greeted warmly by Jim’s nieces, their husbands, and their children. We hadn’t seem them in about three and a half years! Then we were delighted to see the graduate, whom we last saw when she was 6 years old! She had blossomed into a truly beautiful young lady and we were so happy to share in celebrating her accomplishments. Pictures on Facebook had prepared us somewhat, and her postings had assured us that she had a deep love for the Lord. What more could anyone ask? We met a beautiful young lady, both inside and out. We were able to visit and renew family ties with hope for future opportunities to get together. Then we headed home with smiles and memories to occupy us. Later that evening we were able to view pictures from the gathering on Facebook and replay the day for one another. We’d thanked God when we’d arrived there and continued to praise Him for the wonderful day He’d orchestrated. Jim had been able to enjoy every minute and the hugs we both received were filled with love. Without His Hand sustaining us, the day would never have been possible. We continue to praise His Holy Name for as the hymn goes “He forgets not His own.”