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May and June are busy months with many opportunities for gift giving. There are graduations, Mother’s Day, weddings and Father’s Day along with birthdays. Occasionally we are able to extend thanks when we receive a gift in person, but there are times when the gift giver and the recipient do not even get to meet. What happens then? Does the celebrant go out of his way and actually write a thank you note. From personal experience, I would say this nicety is being ignored.

At first, I was laying the blame for this oversight upon our modern day society, but then I remembered the story of Christ healing the ten lepers in Luke 17:11-19. Only one of the ten men returned and “with a loud voice glorified God.” All of these men were outcasts and had asked Jesus for mercy. Imagine your body being covered with this awful disease and finding yourself cured. I would expect all ten to be running, jumping, praising God and crying aloud with joy. Their cleansing enabled them to re-enter society and have a new chance at living. It’s comparable in my eyes to being reborn. Yet how many of us truly take the time to thank our Father in heaven for his grace in giving His Son’s life to redeem us and set us free from sin forever. What a precious gift!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more aware of God’s hand in my life. I’m so very thankful for that tremendous gift of salvation, but I’m also thankful for the small things: time spent with a friend, an unexpected phone call from a loved one, a smile on a child’s face, a kind comment from a stranger, the birds chirping at dawn, puppies at play, a summer rain to cool the day, the sunset, the night sky, a hug or just the touch of a hand. God’s blessings are all around. He has surrounded me/us with His love and the least I can do as I go about my day is to say “Thank You, dear Lord God!”