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This weekend we honor our fallen soldiers. Verse 13 of John Chapter 15 states their commitment to our country so clearly: “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” No matter what conflict or war in which our brave military men and women have fought, they have all faced the possibility of death through their service. Even though my maternal grandfather served in World War I and my dad spent three and a half years in England during World War II, they were both able to return home and live full lives. My first husband served in the Navy during the Vietnam War but was able to stay stateside. Jim served in Germany from 1954 – 1957 with the Air Force. Our family wasn’t touched by the immediate loss of a loved one, but they served their country, knowing it was possible. Monday I plan to share the story of one who didn’t make it back. We were kindergarten classmates and he was like an adopted brother in our teen years. Roger was a shining light in his innate goodness. He volunteered to serve in 1966 shortly after graduating high school. Roger joined at a time when many were fleeing our country, but he chose to go. He wasn’t drafted and he did pay the ultimate price. Roger gave his life so his friends and fellow countrymen might live on in this truly blessed nation. It is time to reflect on these heroes and honor their memories.