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HPIM0104Yesterday was probably the most blessed Mother’s Day I have ever experienced. I have to thank God, “Jehovah -Jireh,” so named by Abraham when the Lord provided the sacrifice in place of Isaac, his son (see Genesis 22:1-14). The Lord most definitely provided for me and He always has! He knows better than I do what I need and when I am ready to receive it.

Prior to last year, I was focusing too much on myself and my loss associated with Mother’s Day. I refer you to my post of Friday, May 8th. I was dwelling on the past and what I thought I didn’t have or lacked. However, I was overlooking the people God had placed in my life over the years to get over my sorrow, He never gave up on me though and continued to work on my heart.

In 2002, I became a mentor mom in my church’s Motherwise program. I must admit I think the young moms did more to mentor me than I did them. I have fond memories to this day of these dear young women and their children. We shared God’s love with one another, and they offered me encouragement by telling me I was a good mom although I had no children of my own.

I’d truly loved the children I was blessed to meet through my teaching career and would be amused when after a month or two some would slip and call me “Mom.” I wasn’t as pleased when it changed to “Grandmama” towards the end of my career. No, I’m just kidding! It pleased me that they could think of me in either capacity. We were family in our classroom, and I tried to give them love as well as their lessons. So many gave me their love in return. I was astounded by one young man who looked me up about ten years after I taught him. He arrived at our door one Sunday evening. We shared a few memories and then, with my husband present,  he said he wanted to do something that he wished he could have done years before. I wondered what he meant . He explained with a smile that  he wanted to kiss me on my cheek! Wow, what a blessing sent by the Lord that day! You see this young man happened to be an African American. He had been transferred into my room after he pulled a metal pick on an African American teacher. I never had a problem with him, probably because I treated him with respect and love. He responded to me in the same way. Truly one of God’s miracles!

I am still in touch with a student from my first class in Apalachicola, Florida in 1975. He was and still is very special to me. We lost touch for about twenty-five years, but renewed our friendship through an internet search on my part. Richard used to visit me almost every afternoon for the five months I spent in Apalach. We even shared a Christmas at my home in Moncks Corner, SC in 1977. He helped me as much as I helped him although at the time I felt I was just being nice to a lonely ten year old boy. Yes. the Lord does provide.

Today at our worship service we were encouraged to share testimonies regarding our mothers and their influence in our lives. The presence of strong faith was evident in the remembrances we heard. I shared a witness about my stepmom, the dear Baptist lady who adopted me when I moved to South Carolina to teach. She brought me back to church and to God.

We were reminded that we didn’t have to have given birth to be a mom. We can be a mom to anyone we meet if we but give of our love or should I say share Christ’s love with others. There are men who are mothers also. Mothers are people who encourage and nourish those who need some love. It may be in the form of a smile, a hug,  a kind word or a wiling ear to listen, but that’s a mom.

The Lord brought a very special lady into my life just a few months ago. She has taken to calling me “Momma Edith”. I love it!! God knew I was ready, and I treasure the opportunity to share my motherly love with her. I guess we were both ready. Only He could have brought it to fruition. So this year I received a card, a rose and a beautiful devotional book from my daughter, Chrissy! Our church also gave us a gift, a “sundae” made of sea salts to smooth our skin. It’s not the gifts that mean as much as the love they express.

This Mother’s Day more than any other I feel so loved, loved by people who understand and care. I’ve never felt so blessed. Thank You, dear Lord, for opening my heart, helping me to heal and focus more on others than on myself. I’m not lacking anything for the Lord, Jehovah-Jireh, has provided and He always will!