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Jim and I enjoy eating breakfast out and we both enjoy breakfast foods at any time of day. Thus, we are frequent visitors to Waffle House, Huddle House or IHOP restaurants. This past Wednesday we left our house early to take a pet for surgery and decided to stop at a local Huddle House before returning home.

As we entered, we were greeted by a sweet young waitress. She seemed a bit shy, but definitely eager to please her customers. She was concerned with our order and repeated everything back to us. I must admit thinking that this might prove to be interesting, and I had some doubts as to what this experience would entail. She told us her name but her name tag was covered by a sweater and I didn’t catch it, Well, our order was quickly filled and our waitress checked with us repeatedly regarding coffee refills and our satisfaction with the food. She couldn’t have been more attentive to our needs. When the check arrived, Jim and I decided to give her a really nice tip along with one of our cards citing the John 3:16 bible verse. I excused myself to the restroom and Jim gave her the money along with a comment that I had complimented her service and would pray for her. When I returned, he shared that comment with me.

I/we still pray daily for two other waitresses that have crossed our path. One of these dear ladies calls me “Mama” and we also pray for her daughter. We have been blessed by her smile and love for the Lord for about three years. Then we began praying for another waitress whom we met this past December.

When our waitress returned to speak with me and thank me for her tip also, I asked her to repeat her name so I could pray for her properly. When she told me, I was struck by the beauty of it. Her name was Asteria and I thought of the flower, wisteria. She was pleased to know she would be in our prayers daily and I felt led to tell her that the Lord had given her the gift of service. She was so sincere in her desire to please her customer and it was refreshing! She smiled when I shared this and told me that this was her first day as a waitress. She usually worked as the dishwasher. Then she told me that she appreciated the card and would always keep it in her pocket as she worked!

When Jim and I left, I told him what she had shared and I thanked God for the opportunity He had given us to brighten her first day at waitressing. I felt that we had bolstered her confidence, but knew that it wasn’t because of us but due to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It reminded me of the affirmation that the Lord had given me about two months ago.  I was considering stopping my efforts at blogging and prayed that God would show me whether I should continue or not. I just felt I wasn’t reaching anyone. That very day a fellow blogger asked for permission to re-post my entry and shared it with two hundred and forty followers! Now we had had an opportunity to offer encouragement to a fledgling waitress.

That afternoon I looked up the name Asteria and found a reference to a precious gemstone as well as the family of the flower Aster. Yes, we had met a precious gem in that Huddle House! Thank You, dear Lord, for the opportunity to share Your love and offer encouragement to a fellow Christian!