There are times when we can feel the Holy Spirit nudging us to do something. Usually it’s something outside our comfort zone. We can either respond or ignore His gentle push, but when we ignore His suggestion we need to realize that we may never have the same opportunity again. If we wait and ponder, it just may be too late. Life is short and only Our Father knows when our last day will be. There’s a saying “it’s never too late,” but when we don’t act, it just may be!

Jim’s sister passed away a little over four years ago, but I still think of my last conversation with her quite often. Our phone chats dealt with more than just “family catch ups.” We often shared thoughts on our faith and things that had happened in our faith walk. Jim and I hadn’t been able to spend that last Christmas of 2010 with her and the rest of the family due to his health concerns. As we spoke with one another in January, Lib mentioned that she had felt the Holy Spirit nudging her to witness to her family. She was expressing regret that she had let that opportunity slip by her. Trying to make her feel better, I told her not to fret because she’d have the chance to do it in the future. Unfortunately, she passed away a few months later.

Witnessing to others is not an easy task for many of us, myself included. Witnessing to family may be even more difficult, but I urge you to respond to that push in whatever direction the Holy Spirit is leading before it is too late. It may be a nudge or a push. but He is guiding us. He’s there within us, so no matter how challenging the task with which He presents us is, just DO IT!!! You are not alone and the rewards are in heaven!