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Do you find yourself asking God for an explanation when something bad happens? I know I have, but after focusing on Scripture, specifically Proverbs 3:5-6, I have found peace. King Solomon wrote “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your ways straight”

Some tragic events have occurred over the past few months to people I hold dear. The only way I can deal with these happenings is to acknowledge that God is in control and that He knows better than I. As my Father, I have to accept what He has allowed to happen and believe that there is a reason for it. We have free choice and perhaps the events were brought on by the people involved. He still loves them, but they have to accept the consequences for their actions. Sometimes the best lessons we can ever learn come about because of bad decisions on our part. We pay a steep price in order to learn never to repeat the offense.

When I grew up, it was common for parents to respond to a child questioning why a decision was being made with which the child did not agree by stating “because I said so!” I still see nothing wrong with this response because there are times when the child just isn’t mature enough to understand the explanation. Children have to learn that parents love them and make decisions based on their welfare. Questioning these decisions serves no purpose when the child wouldn’t understand the reason. As children of God, we too must learn to accept things which are outside the realm of our understanding. Maybe we will be able to understand the reason as time passes and we see some good coming from the hardship or maybe we’ll understand better when we get to heaven. Romans 8:28 comes to mind, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Yes, I can accept that and have peace.

God, my Father, knows best. My faith has strengthened over the years as I have observed happenings in this world. God’s Hand can bring good when there is tragedy. I think of the Newtown massacre of the kindergarten children and teaching staff. It was truly heartbreaking and beyond comprehension. It took place close to Christmas, snuffing out so many young dreams. However, I can still remember the courageous father who spoke about his little daughter, saying she was a loving, compassionate child and if she had lived, she would have tried to comfort the parents who had lost a child. He said he was able to accept her loss because he knew that she was now safe in heaven with her Father, God. What a beautiful testimony to this man’s faith, his child’s faith and God’s love for His children!

Why do horrors like school shootings occur? Because evil exists! Satan loves to cause dissension and unrest, even hatred, in believers. We need to have faith that God can and will bring good out of even these tragedies for those who love Him. He is our peace and we can rest in Him if we have faith. Leaning on our own limited understanding thwarts our growth as Christians and opens us to Satan’s wiles.  You may ask why, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t get an answer. Accept the fact that God is in control, praise His Holy Name and look to the hope we have in the future because of Him and the gift He has given to all believers, eternal life through His Son. Christ Jesus.