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Hummingbirds are one of my favorite visitors to our yard! Each spring I can hardly wait to have them reappear. We live in a secluded area surrounded by woodland both at our home in Conway, SC and at our cabin in Glade Valley, NC. Both sites are frequented by hummingbirds and I thank God for their presence. I’ve spent quite a bit of time observing them and am amazed by their fearless nature. Other birds will wait for me to leave the bird feeders before they reappear to feed. Not so for hummingbirds! We have wild blueberry bushes that tower seven to eight feet tall within twenty feet of our front porch. I keep a feeder hanging high in one of these bushes and believe the hummers have a nest nearby, but I have not yet been blessed by finding it. The little fellows raise a ruckus when I take the feeder down to clean and start “dive bombing” when I return to rehang it. They show no fear even though they are so tiny. When blueberries ripen, I’ve had the thrill of having one touch my hair to check things out. They act as though I’m invisible and come to feed no matter what I am doing. One year I had on a bright pink T shirt, and one dear little guy flew right up to me to check it out. I can’t help to be amused by their happy chittering and carefree attitude.

I must admit I envy their lack of fear. At one time I was afraid of having birds near me. This was probably related to an ornery parakeet I had while growing up. Jackie would try to peck at me when I cleaned his cage or refilled his treat cups. He would even grab the edge of the little feeder fighting with me as I tried to remove it. His curved beak looked dangerous to me as a child and I carried this fear into adulthood. When I moved to the country, I decided to get some biddies one spring and forced myself to put my hand in and let them peck at me. As they grew, my fear lessened and then it totally disappeared. I gave myself credit for overcoming my fear of birds, and I beg your forgiveness and the Lord’s. My faith in God was quite weak at this point in my life and so I gave myself all the credit.

As my faith has grown, so has my acknowledgement of His Hand in my life. Now I rely on His guidance and give Him the credit for my success or progress in all areas. I still have times, of course, when I get rattled or shaken by unsettling events. BUT now I have God to rescue me from any and all fears. I just need to collect myself enough to lay my fear at His feet and leave it there!

As I began seriously studying the Bible, I discovered it has over 365 references relating to fear. The Lord knows our weakness and has provided abundantly for us. We can study a verse for each day in the year. If we repeatedly go to His Word and find solace there, we will gain encouragement and the strength, through Him and Him alone, to overcome any and all fears this world can present. I don’t know how unbelievers survive. How can they deal with illness, pain, abuse, bullying, gossip and other worldly Goliaths without the Lord to strengthen them? With God at our side, we are invincible and as fearless as the little hummingbirds. Fear evaporates as we speak with the Lord and rely on Him to heal us. His ears are always open and He hears our pain. He is the great Healer and He can calm our fears if we let Him. Rest in His arms and rely on His Word for the nourishment we need to survive in this world. Just as the hummingbird soaks up the nectar from flowers and feeders, we need to soak up the sweet flavor of His love from Scripture. Not sure where to go in the Word? Don’t fret! Check a concordance or use a search engine to check out “scriptures about fear.” Conquer your fear by holding on to His Hand, praying for His guidance (remember the Holy Spirit lives within you), and researching His Word for sustenance! He will never leave or forsake you!