HPIM0091The Lord blessed our household with another pet three weeks ago! Sorry if I misled you by the title, but the Freckles to which I referred is an adorable six month old Beagle puppy mix. I’d been considering adopting another pound puppy for our three year old, thoroughly spoiled Rudy to have as a playmate. My primary concern was how Rudy would feel about having a new addition, and I was praying for God’s guidance. I didn’t want to create a problem and we were spoiled by the way Rudy had fit into our quiet lifestyle. On this particular morning I was off to a volunteer position near my home thinking about the possibility of attending one of the animal shelter visitations being held that weekend.

I was on a country road with no homes in sight when this sweet pup appeared a distance in front of me. I immediately slowed down to avoid hitting it. The little fellow stopped right in front of my car. I couldn’t see him and honked hoping he would move to one side or the other. He didn’t so I got out and the pup ran right up to me. He was scared and wiggly and oh, so very friendly.  He wore no collar and I feared he had been dumped. Unfortunately that seems to happen all too frequently on country roads. Well, I didn’t want to leave him where he might get hit by another car so I lifted him into ours and pondered what to do next. I went on to my appointment and explained my dilemma. I decided it would be best to carry him back to our house and get him in a safe location.

I called my husband to forewarn him of our arrival and was amazed he wasn’t upset by the prospect. I hadn’t mentioned my thoughts of adoption to him yet and truly hoped we were just doing a good deed. When Jim saw him, he too thought the little fellow was adorable and we pondered what had happened. The fact he had no collar bothered me but I hoped we would find his owner. I called two shelters and left contact information as well as put an ad in the local newspaper.

Freckles received his name within the first few minutes he was with me because of the cute brown freckles on his little nose. He rode so quietly in the car and didn’t make a fuss. He just seemed so happy that I had stopped and rescued him. For Jim and I it was love at first sight, but our Rudy was none too pleased. As an “only child,” he was not  thrilled with the newcomer but he seemed willing to at least tolerate his presence.

After Freckles was with us for a few days, I have to admit I was hoping no one would claim him! We were praying for God to help us locate his owner if he had gotten away from someone, but we did let God know that we would be happy to adopt him if no one stepped forward. I’d had a strong feeling when I first saw him that he had been put out on purpose. I thanked God for bringing us together and we waited.

Two weeks flew by and we decided he was ours. Jim and I have laughed at his antics. He’s all puppy, full of energy and bounce. He’s filled with love and plays with the stuffed toys we gave to him from Rudy’s stash. Rudy is becoming more and more accepting of him everyday. We have been blessed by his presence!

Animal lovers will understand our joy in welcoming him into our home, but I can’t help but wonder why someone would have put him out to fend for himself. I thank God for enabling us to save him and I smile often thinking that Freckles has been an answer to prayer.  He needed us as much as we needed him. Even spoiled Rudy is coming to see that fact! God has blessed us with other lost animals and each time he has brought them to us I have wondered how we survived without them. They give so much love and affection. How blessed we are to have them in our lives. Thank you, dear Lord, for Freckles!