God has a habit of blessing us when we least expect it or in ways we never would have considered, at least that is my opinion. Yesterday I closed my post with a request that we greet everyone, loved ones as well as strangers, with an Easter Sunrise smile and share the good news. Well, to my mind the Lord brought that request full circle.

My husband and I were able to worship with the body of Christ gathered at the Bucksport marina at 6:45AM. We were blessed by the sight of the full moon still so vividly apparent in the morning sky as service began. Then as day dawned we saw the beautifully bright sun rise over the river. It was so clear it was almost blinding in its intensity. The message emphasized the empty tomb, evidence of our risen Savior. Jim and I left filled with God’s love and His awesome gift of salvation to all who believe in Christ Jesus.

We drove into town still remarking on the beauty of this special morning and thanking God that we were able to attend another Easter service together, especially one at sunrise. Jim’s health limits his “up time” as I call it and we thanked God for this answer to prayer. We shared a quiet breakfast at J & J cafeteria where the waitresses happily proclaimed “Happy Easter” as they served their customers. I remarked how wonderful that was to hear. It made me think of the contrasting attitude some businesses exhibit at Christmas time when their employees are forbidden to say or wish those they serve a “Merry Christmas.” We were all smiles as we left.

Well, when we tried to start our car, it appeared to be “dead.” We prayed for God’s help, I called AAA and we sat and waited for their help to arrive. I was concerned with Jim’s health and was trying to think whom I could call to give us a ride back home if the car battery wouldn’t charge. Unfortunately I don’t keep all numbers in my phone, still relying on my memory for close friends. In my upset state I couldn’t get the digits straight for the person I really wanted to call. Finally the Lord blessed my efforts and the numbers jumped back in my mind. I say finally because I wasn’t frustrated with God but with myself! I reached our dear friend and he was on his way! Praise God! When he arrived, all three of us went back in the restaurant for coffee,

Good to their word, AAA arrived within twenty minutes and I went outside to speak with the gentleman. He listened to my report of the problem, smiled and said, “First, Happy Easter!” I was so embarrassed and returned his wonderful greeting, apologizing for my lack of manners. He smiled broadly, saying “not to worry” and proceeded to fix our problem.

When we tried to pay for the coffee, the two young waitresses at the register said that we should just have a Happy Easter and refused to take any money. They wished us a better day, but as I later reflected on our day, I thought it couldn’t have been any better. We hugged our friend, wished one another a Happy Easter and told him we loved him as he vowed his love for us! I truly feel good friends are a gift from God and he is one of the best.

Just when I thought the morning couldn’t get any better, we received a call from AAA, checking on the quality of the service we’d received. The young lady calling began with the words “first I want to wish you a Happy Easter!” I was astounded and wished her the same and went on to give a glowing report of the outstanding service we’d received all around from them. As we finished driving home, I kept praising the people we’d crossed paths with and their freely given wishes for a Happy Easter. Maybe more people are beginning to display their love for our Lord and Savior.  Jim and I are still remarking on the wonderful Sunday morning we shared with wonderful people.

A few years ago, I would have focused on the inconvenience of the car not starting and allowed it to steal my joy for the rest of the day or even longer, but God has faithfully led me to see the beauty in our everyday problems if we just take the time to pray and wait on Him to help us. He blesses us beyond any expectation we could possibly have. He led me today to John 1:16 “From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another.” Happy Day After Easter!!!