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When we meet someone for the first time, it is only natural for us to share our family background as well as inquire about the acquaintance’s. When I first moved to South Carolina, I found it amusing because once I mentioned that I had relocated from New York, the questions stopped. After living here for thirty-nine years that no longer works, since I have local ties to my extended family. My husband has fifty-one first cousins so questions are many. We also want to connect the missing links in our ancestral heritage and thus there are websites like Ancestry.com that facilitate this search. I can remember the excitement I felt when I found the names and entry dates for my paternal grandparents entering Ellis Island in the early 1900’s from Denmark and I enjoy contact with cousins who I only saw maybe ten times during my lifetime to date. We are connected no matter the time or distance that has passed.

Are you a Christian? If you are, we are related also. We share a Heavenly Father who adopted us into His family without any hesitation. He did so out of grace and love, holding His arms wide open, ready to draw us close and hold us forever! If you’re not a Christian, I’d like to ask you to consider joining our wonderful family. Are you alone, frightened, ill, depressed, suffering from addiction, angry, bullied (I could go on and on)? Well, it doesn’t matter what your problem is, God through Christ is the answer. He is always the same, full of love for His children. Do you think you’ve done something that would cause Him to turn away? Our heavenly Father forgives our sins and unlike human friends and family he wipes the slate completely clean never bringing it up again. Humans forgive but don’t usually forget. He grants us a new beginning when we welcome His Son. Christ Jesus, into our hearts. We are born again. We don’t have to wait for a court appearance to validate the adoption or go through home visits to prove our sincerity. He knows our hearts and adds to His family without any concern for the ethnicity of our birth parents or research into their backgrounds. All this may seem too easy or unbelievable, but look at Christ’s bloodline. David was a simple shepherd boy and described as a man after God’s own heart, but he committed adultery. Rahab was a prostitute. We are all welcome no matter what we have done in the past. Your future awaits!