Last Saturday my husband and I experienced the awesome power of God’s protection. Our loving Father saved my husband’s life and our home! I shared this shortly afterward with Facebook friends and family as well as offering praise at our worship service on Sunday. What a powerful witness to His love and faithfulness. Psalm 32:7 comes to mind: “… You will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.” We were most definitely protected and surrounded by songs of deliverance!

Saturday morning I had left home early to pick up our sick kitty from our vet and returned home about three hours later. My husband had remained at home, resting due to issues with chronic pain. When I drove into our yard, I noticed smoke on our front porch and quickly ran to see what was wrong. During the extremely cold weather, I had begun using heat lamps above our cat houses for extra warmth. I’d used these devices for over thirty-five years for young puppies and older dogs without any problem. Well, this time the tops of the homes had started to smolder and so I pulled the plug leading to the light. The smoke stopped immediately or so I thought and I returned to the task of getting our cat secure in her recovery room. When I returned to the porch no more than five minutes later, three feet high flames greeted me. I was about to panic but called out to the Lord for help. Our water hose was disconnected and I knew the hose itself was still frozen so connecting it would be of no use. I thought of waking Jim, but I didn’t have time. God gave me a clear mind in that respect and also nixed my next thought of trying to pull the homes off the porch with my bare hands. Thank you, dear God! Then, I realized that it would be better to take the broom and push them off the porch. That worked but the flames went higher and the porch decking began to burn. The homes burnt out on the sidewalk and I was able to use the broom to smother the deck flames. Jim had arrived by this time and he was amazed by the entire incident. I also poured water on the deck and homes from gallon milk jugs we had filled in case our power went off during the storm. Without God’s faithful guidance, I might have just frozen and lost my best friend as well as the home we built together.

Surprisingly enough for me, I was filled with joy and couldn’t stop praising God. I couldn’t have cared less about the damage,  in fact I joked the next morning that maybe we should leave the scorched porch decking as a witness to God’s protection! I also thanked Him for the flames because they convinced me to do away with heat lamps in the future. Sometimes I almost need to be hit over the head to see how dangerous some of my ideas may be. Yes, God is good all the time! He brought me home at exactly the right moment. A few minutes later and this story would not have had a happy ending. Thank You, dear God!