During the Christmas season of 2006, Jim and I decided to attend the Appalachian Christmas weekend at Lake Junaluska. When I made our reservations, I requested that our accommodations be at the Lambuth Inn and was assured they would be. Our confirmation, however, showed us lodging at the Terrace. I was upset, because the Lambuth featured the true Old Fashioned Christmas decorations and was more to our liking. I called the reservations number and asked them to check into our original request. They did so and we were again promised to be housed at the Lambuth. Both of us were pleased and looked forward to our trip.

As we approached Lake Junaluska, snowflakes began falling and we commented on the beauty of our special place being even more beautiful with the addition of snow. That evening we had a delightful dinner and returned to our room to watch “Jeopardy.” Suddenly we heard some unusual noises and discovered that the fire alarms were sounding. Everyone was ordered to evacuate the hotel and we joined the few guests, who had checked in a day early like us, along with the staff. It was freezing outside and the snow was continuing to come down as well. Management considered taking us down to the Terrace for the night since the fire was determined to be in the elevator shaft and the hotel needed to be thoroughly checked out for our safety before we could once again enter. The police decided the hotel’s fourteen passenger van was not safe for the trip down the hill due to ice build-up on the road. Instead the police chief would take us down in pairs in his cruiser. Jim and I were chosen for the first trip. As we descended the hill, the police car went into an impressive skid! The police chief quickly regained control and we were so very thankful to arrive at the Terrace for the night. After we arrived in our room there, I remarked to Jim that I guessed the Lord had wanted us to stay at the Terrace from the very beginning, It was amusing that this could have been avoided if we had accepted the confirmation that was first issued to us. Rather than return to the Lambuth the next day, we opted to remain at the Terrace and enjoyed a delightful weekend anyway. I told friends that the Lord had wanted us to experience the Terrace and see that it was just as nice as the Lambuth.

The reason I’m sharing this happening is because we have once again decided to experience an Appalachian Christmas at Junaluska. This time I prayed for God’s blessing on our trip and told Him that although We would like to stay at the Lambuth, it was His decision and I would accept it. That night as I checked lodging availability on their website, I noticed there was only one room remaining at the Lambuth. Jim and I decided to book it right then. The next day I called the reservation number to confirm our reservation and arrange for meals. Everything was set up to our satisfaction and we rejoiced in our plans for the upcoming trip. When I realized a few days later that no e-mail confirmation had come through, I decided to call and check on things. The reservation person I reached said she couldn’t understand how I could have booked the Lambuth since it had been filled weeks ago and there was an extensive waiting list, but she would check the records and see what had happened. Well, we are staying at the Lambuth! She remarked that she just couldn’t understand how the website had shown a room being open, but we were confirmed and she sent me a confirmation to that effect after checking and re checking the booking. After hanging up, I went over the exchange with Jim. I told him “I guess this time, the Lord really does want us at the Lambuth because He opened doors that were supposed to be closed!”

We are truly thrilled with our opportunity to make another special Christmas memory. I promise to share the Lord’s Hand at work on this trip when we return.