Election Day has passed and we have new people coming on board to serve our country as well as those who have been re-elected to serve again. As people of faith, what do we do now? Usually I just sit back and watch what happens. How sad! I need to be involved and I still have a part to play. So do you! WE NEED TO PRAY!!!!

Prayer is a powerful gift and tool that the Lord has given to us and probably is the one most neglected by many of us. I’m not preaching to you because I readily accept my own frailty in this regard. I have begun to take this aspect of my duty as a child of God more seriously especially since viewing the Isaiah 9:10 Judgment DVD based on the book of the same name by Jonathon Cahn. He sees 9/11 as a warning by God to our country and explains in detail other signs the Lord has given regarding our need to turn this country back to Him. There is still hope for us if we become humble and seriously ask God for his guidance instead of relying on ourselves to save this country. I urge anyone who is not familiar with Cahn’s work to check him out and also view this DVD. It truly opened my eyes to the need to become involved. I wondered what I could do and realized that I needed to pray more. I have begun praying for the Lord to give wisdom and discernment to our leaders to govern as He desires without regard to party. I am asking the Lord to open their hearts and minds to His guidance and remove the attraction of worldly ways. I may be only one person, but I know that God hears my prayers. It is something constructive that I can do and probably the most important. I also pray that I can touch others and lead others to pray in the same way. God is in control and we need to turn everything over to Him. It’s time for revival of our Christian values and leaning on the Lord through prayer, leaning on Him and not on our own understanding. I pray that we open our eyes and minds to what is happening in our country and turn our focus back to Our Father before it is too late.