Rudy & cats 039

Rudy came to our North Carolina cabin for only one night, and he was a joy from the first minute. I wondered how much rest we might get that night but he was the only eight week old puppy I ever knew in over fifty years who was content to sleep the entire night in a box by himself! When we left for South Carolina the next morning, I wondered how much of our six hour ride would be torture for all three of us. Not to worry! He was content to sleep in the box until our stop two hours later for a lunch break at a K & W cafeteria. We ate and then I took him for a potty break. I even allowed him to eat a light meal, which I knew was a no-no for most pets. Well, Rudy chowed down and went back to sleep for the rest of the trip. To this day, he is still the only dog I know who likes to eat while travelling!

When we arrived home,I set him up in our little heated apartment in the bathroom. I brought him into the house for play periods during the day. Jim and I shared many of those visits doubled over in laughter at his antics.
We even bought him a mechanical gorilla toy that was larger than he was which he would attack and grab its banana away. He was our entertainment for sure, and the best medicine we could ever take! Whenever I returned him to his barracks, he accepted it without the usual howling and fussing. Truly this was part of his miracle.

A month after he joined us, we took him to a motorcycle rally in Florida. He was and is a joy to travel along with us and in the motel we shared our king-sized bed with him. Upon returning home, I asked Jim if I could move him into the kitchen of our home and he readily agreed. Rudy adapted to his new surroundings without any problems, he never chewed anything (probably because he had so many toys) and he never howled or carried on during the night.

As Rudy grew, I was amazed that he didn’t have any resemblance to a dachshund. I did find pictures of wire-haired dachshunds, but other than hair length he didn’t look like them either. I thanked God for bringing him into our life and smiled as I thought of my momentary reluctance to adopt a dachshund puppy. Truly God had blessed my selection. I still would have loved him, but his unusual appearance warmed my heart even more. Imagine my surprise when after we had him for about six months, Jim confided to me that when I first brought him out to the car, Jim’s first impression was “That’s the ugliest pup I’ve ever seen.” I’m glad he didn’t share that and I do remember the odd expression on his face. Well, Rudy is described by the groomer as a Lhasa Apso mix, but all I know is that we love him. He was and still is an answer to prayer although I’ve not made headway with bringing our cat and dog population together. Rudy plays with all the cats but our larger guys still don’t like the cats. With our God, there is always hope for the future and I still look forward to the day when they will all live together at our home. After all, the Lord brought us the perfect puppy and companion. What a blessing!