We have a precious “little” fellow, Rudy, living with us and bringing us daily outpourings of love and cheer. I truly feel he was destined to be our pet and is a gift from our Lord. I’ve always been a dog and cat lover and for twenty years raised purebred dogs for sale to approved homes. My first husband screened those interested in our babies and we turned a few people away because they didn’t meet our standards. By the time Jim and I married, I had decided to stop raising puppies, but wanted to still have dogs in our lives. We decided to adopt pound puppies and in December of 2007 we brought home Bubba and Sis from the Conway shelter. Jocko, followed in January 2010. He’d been dropped off near my old home in Kingstree and fit right in with Bubba and Sis. Each one has his own story and unique place in our love, but this posting is about Rudy, who just celebrated his third birthday on October 17th.

Rudy was an answer to prayer on my part. Our other three pound pups were all fairly large and unfortunately didn’t like our cats. I kept cats and dogs separated. They all lived outside. We have 2 1/2 acres so there was plenty of room for three dogs and five cats, but I wanted to be able to have them all live together happily. I asked God to help me convince Jim about the need for another pet and to help me find just the right one. This prayer request lasted for about one year. I came to believe that a small dog would be accepted better by the cats and especially one that would come to us as a really young puppy. I wasn’t really thinking along the lines of a house pet, just one that would get along with the cats and perhaps influence the other three large dogs to accept the cats too.

We’d made a trip to our cabin for an early Christmas in 2011 and I felt that the time had come to ask Jim for my special Christmas present. I shared my prayer with him  and asked if we could go to the Sparta shelter to pick out our new addition. He agreed immediately and I felt this was a sure sign that God was blessing my request. We went there and I was told they only had two puppies available. They were mixed breed and the mother was a Dachshund. I do not really like that breed, but I smiled remembering all the solid black kittens the Lord had brought our way after I’d asked for ones of varying colors. Of course, I loved them anyway. I sent up a silent prayer, “Okay, Lord, if that’s what You want I can live with it.” I want back and saw the two. The female looked like a brindle coated Dachshund and the male had the same colors but a long coat. I immediately chose him! I took him out to see Jim, who looked at him and just asked if I was sure he was the one. I assured him that he was. We agreed to come and pick him up the next afternoon, December 19th. He would have his shots by then and be bathed and ready to go.

We returned the next afternoon and picked up our precious bundle of joy. I’d mentioned to Jim that we could name him either Kris Kringle or Rudolph. Naturally Rudolph won out. We had a 1 1/2 pound treasure to take home to Conway with us. Little did we know then how much our lives would be changed and enriched by this answer to prayer.