“Be still and know that I am God.” This verse has been my comfort for many years now. It always brings me peace and joy. We live in a tumultuous world and at times the going really does get rough. For some reason, I have been unable to write a post for three weeks now. I won’t give the devil all the credit for this. My self-discipline has been at an all time low. I just haven’t applied myself and have been making excuses rather than focusing on God and spending time in His Word. However, the devil did just try to stop this post. Honestly I had typed 262 words and all of a sudden I was left with the first 76 words! Well, I rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus Christ and will continue with my post. You see I’ve come back to where I need to be and that is relying on faith to get me through the potholes and craters on my spiritual path. I wanted things to all fall into place and inspiration to hit me like a thunderbolt, but would I appreciate the easy way? No! I need to focus on the Lord and work with what He has given me to reach out to others. He is in control and I need to listen more and spend more time with Him. A few years ago, I told a friend she needed to talk with people less and with God more. Oh, the speck in my eye! Yes, I need to follow my own advice. He is in control and there is no need for me to fret or get upset over little details. I need to think of problems in regard to eternity and where He is leading. Forget the irritations of this world and follow Him! Sometimes that’s easy to say, but hard to do. It becomes easier though when I repeat Psalm 46:10. I try to take on things which are not my business but the Lord’s! I need to step back and follow. For me, the best way to navigate in this world is to stay in His Word, speak to Him about everything (the big things as well as the simple everyday things) and look to the Holy Spirit for guidance. It’s easy to get distracted, go off course and wander aimlessly. When I get lost, I need to fine tune my focus and look to Him and Him alone. Like Peter trying to walk on water, I will only succeed if I keep my eyes on Him.