Over the past few weeks, I have become acutely aware of God’s presence in my life. That is I have become more focused on His daily interaction with me and the void that would be there without Him in my life. I notice the little things more and more. As September began, I was thinking ahead to fall weather and some of the changes it would bring. I truly love hummingbirds and I regret that they will leave us soon. This particular day I had decided to wear my “hummingbird” blouse before it was too late. I hadn’t worn it yet and it’s cheery appliqued hummingbird would surely brighten my day. As I watered my plants, I heard a familiar buzz and there coming straight for me was a sweet little hummingbird. He appeared to be checking out his buddy on my blouse and I smiled, thanking God for His gift in bringing the tiny creature so close to me. A second peak assured him all was well and he took off for better pickings. I felt God’s touch and smile on me through this encounter. What a beautiful creature and God shares it with us! What a loving Father we have.

One day last week on a fog-covered morning I saw a large doe on our dirt road. I tried to get our little dog, Rudy, to share the sight, but he was interested in exotic scents on the side of the road. The doe and I looked one another over for a few minutes and then she slowly ambled into the woods. What a blessing again! Then yesterday morning I returned home from shopping to the awesome sight of eight wild turkeys crossing the road within a few feet of our gate. Thank You, Lord, for opening my eyes to your touch in my everyday life and the beauty of nature.

I also have come to recognize the way the Lord has used seemingly bad events for my good. I mentioned just the other day that He had blessed me with a car accident when  I was nineteen. Now I readily see the blessing it was. I had grown up as an overweight child, weighing 125 pounds in fifth grade. I can still remember the dread of being weighed each year in school. At nineteen, I topped the scales at 193 pounds. I loved desserts and my German heritage was evident in my eating habits. As a result of the accident, it was discovered that I had high blood pressure. Our sweet German family doctor first suggested I watch my salt intake, but that had no effect on lowering the blood pressure. Then he suggested that losing weight would be a good idea. Of course, he had known me all my life and seen me diet on and off with my mom. I decided it was time to take this wake-up call seriously and began losing weight. I became a much healthier eater and in six months I’d lost over 50 pounds. I was never  a happy fat person and this change greatly improved not only my energy level but also my attitude. I had a new joy for living. I have thanked God many times for this accident. It enabled me to see the need to change my eating habits and brought me a new lease on life. I doubt I would be alive today without His intervention. Yes, God does work for good all things for those who love Him (Romans 8:28).