My husband and I enjoy browsing the shelves at Goodwill and other thrift stores. We are looking for “treasures,” which are really any items that appeal to us. This past week I was attracted to a wooden cube! Normally it would have been overlooked by me, but I now feel it was God nudging me to look closer. Jim is the one who takes the time to scout out the more unusual objects, but this time I was intrigued enough to stop and pick it up. There was purple printing on all six sides of the cube. As I looked closer, I realized that each side presented a short prayer or blessing. I thought that was unique and the price was right – 99 cents, marked down to 49 at the register. I promised myself that I’d think more about it later.

When we arrived home, I read each sweet, short prayer and then placed it on my dining room table. I thought it would be a perfect gift for new Christians or for a family. It would give them a starting point in blessing their food and hopefully lead them to blessings from their own hearts. I  thought Jim and I could use it occasionally to change things up a bit. God knows what’s in our hearts and would still appreciate our reading these sweet prayers once in awhile.

Jim and I were talking about my little treasure this morning. I remarked that I hadn’t noticed any maker mark on it. As soon as those words were uttered, I saw the copyright at the bottom of one side.  It was produced by Creator Mundi, Inc. in 2006. I picked up my trusty Kindle and searched the name. It appears they produce religious items for individuals as well as for church fundraisers. My blessing cube as I have named the item is actually a “Mealtime Prayer Cube.” I discovered it was made of basswood in Germany and originally cost $12.00. Jim and I both have ties to Germany and so I felt we were doubly blessed to have acquired it. I remarked on its perfect condition and the fact that who ever had it obviously had barely, if ever,  used it. I feel sure that it was given as a gift. It’s sold in a purple organdy bag according to the website, but that had probably been discarded. It caused me to think of the bibles that are often given as gifts and never opened. I thought also of the Rick Warren book, The Purpose Driven Life. I had sent a copy to two family members with a note that in my opinion it was the best book written after the bible. I never heard from these two people again. I wasn’t making a comment on their lives, only wanting to share a book I truly thought to be inspirational and uplifting. Sometimes our best intentions are interpreted wrongly. In trying  to share our love for the Lord, our efforts are taken for criticism. I also thought of the gifts the Lord has given us, specifically His Word, prayer, and the Holy Spirit. Do we just leave these gifts in their original condition, hardly ever opened, read or utilized? Only when we open our hearts to God and search for His presence through prayer, His Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit do we really come to appreciate His love and the ultimate gift of His Son. I wonder about the person who received the blessing cube. Were the prayers ever read? Was the gift opened and then set aside? Was it donated without ever being used to praise God? I hope I’m wrong. Our blessing cube will be displayed proudly and used with love. I may even order some to share with young Christian families. Remind me to keep my eyes and heart open to your love, Lord.