Yesterday we awoke to an awesome sight about twenty feet from our NC front porch. Perched on a large, freshly cut stump was a truly majestic bird. Viewing him from behind, I first thought it might be an owl, but I called for Jim to come and see it too. I then focused better on the bird and realized that it must be a hawk from the shape of its head and beak. Jim concurred.
I was searching for a topic to write about for this week and decided this might be a message from God. I needed to research what Scripture said about the hawk. The first references were in Leviticus and Deuteronomy regarding unclean animals. That didn’t seem to be the answer and then I was led to Job 39:26 (NIV), “Does the hawk take flight by your wisdom and spread its wings toward the south?” Yes, I needed to ponder this for a bit and see where the Lord was leading.
I realized that in this verse the Lord was talking to Job and questioning who was in charge. Obviously the Lord is, but like Job we sometimes question what is happening
around us. We get frustrated and caught up in our everyday lives. Our patience wears thin and we cry out as Job did. In our present day society focused on immediate gratification, it is even easier to become impatient for answers to our problems/concerns/prayers. What is taking so long for God to answer our pleas? Well, He is our Creator and He knows better than any of us when the time is right. As we look around and observe the wonders of His creation, it becomes evident that only He knows the plan for His creation and a perfect plan it is. As this thought sunk into my mind, I remembered again the phrase, “wait on the Lord,” which had appeared a few times as Jim and I read over some Psalms this past week. I looked back at Psalm 27:14, Psalm 37:7-9, and again Psalm 37:34. Yes, God is in control and I need to wait on Him. He created us as He created the hawk and made each one of us for a purpose. I need to remember that, be more patient with everything and wait on Him. Thank You, dear God, for opening my eyes to the beauty of Your creation and the opportunity to listen to You through the sights You share with us.