Jim and I just returned from a trip to our Cabin in the Sky. We both were refreshed by feelings of renewal and joy in sharing the blessings of our Lord’s creation. Living near the beach at our home in Conway, we relish the opportunity to change our surroundings and take in the beauty of the North Carolina mountains. The first time I ever visited Lake Junaluska, I was hooked. The quiet serenity of that community with the beauty of the cross at lakeside and the rose walk awakened a desire to explore more of that area. It is my/our special place to draw close to the Lord. Some people have the same feeling for areas near water, perhaps a quiet stream or a rushing waterfall. For others, the ocean says it all. For me, it’s the beauty of an undeveloped area, an oasis of peace in our busy world and an escape to the Old South. Sparta is still like Mayberry, filled with wholesome country people who love to be neighborly.

Everyone needs a break now and then from the busyness of our 21st century world, even retired people! Our cabin is secluded and surrounded by nature. We’re within a quarter of a mile of the Blue Ridge Parkway and it feels like God’s country to me. Of course, I know the entire world is His country, but I feel so much closer to Him there.

Shortly after arriving, I hung the hummingbird feeder out on the porch and within a very short time was blessed by the arrival of one of these creatures. Only the Lord could have designed such a beauty. How can anyone doubt the existence of God when viewing one of these in action? Truly amazing! It makes my day no matter where I am.

As Jim and I took off yesterday to return home, we encountered a fawn in the middle of the road. It was so sweet and fragile looking as it took one quick look at us and then bolted to the side of the road and away into the woods. Then “momma” deer came out and eyed us. She, too, quickly jumped back and a little further down the road a third deer, another doe, popped out for a few seconds. We both were so thrilled. God had blessed us with a beautiful sight to conclude our vacation!

This morning as we shared some scripture time, I felt the Holy Spirit directing us to Psalm 65 and there it was! Please read the entire Psalm but verse 8 jumped out at me: “The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy.” AMEN! Praise God in all His glory forever and ever!