Summer begins tomorrow, but the Lord has already blessed us with the bounty of His creation. The blueberry crop has been better than ever this year on our property. They are a gift from God especially since they come from wild bushes that have been on this land for many, many years. I like to put some in the freezer so we can have a special treat every month (waffles with blueberries in syrup and Cool Whip on top). Our fig trees are promising another bountiful crop and the grape vines are also looking great.  Our tomatoes are grown in buckets and I actually picked one yesterday that will be our lunch on Saturday with bacon, lettuce and Vidalia onion on white bread for Jim and whole wheat for me. I have watched that particular tomato for weeks because it is perfect sandwich size and when it began ripening I was so thrilled. As I get older, i appreciate the simple things in life more and thank God for His provision for us. He supplies much more than our daily bread and the treasures of locally grown fruits and vegetables are beyond compare. Jim and I are so looking forward to that first BLT. Supermarket tomatoes may get us through the winter months, but a homegrown tomato is truly a mouthwatering delicacy. Yes, summer is here!

As I take my daily walk around our property (10 laps = 1 1/2miles), I look at the flowers blooming and plants growing. Some are gifts from friends and I smile as I think of each special person who has brightened our life by sharing with us. I also think of friends that I have gifted and hope they are enjoying  the plants as much as I do. I still have houseplants given to me back in 1976 when I moved into my very own house in Moncks Corner! Unfortunately those friends have passed away but I still have happy memories of time we spent together. This year I have Columbines blooming in the front yard from seed collected by a dear lady, who passed away before I could thank her for their delicate flowers that appeared this year. I’m collecting seed now and thinking of friends with which to share them. I usually announce each new bloom to Jim and ask him to come out and see for himself. He loves them as much as I do! What a joy!

I’ve saved the best for last and this gift reminds me of the joy I felt when my dad decided to move south after spending most of his life in New York. I felt like God had given me a priceless treasure and now He has done it again! I’ve been unsettled in my spiritual life for some time as I mentioned in a previous post. Something just wasn’t right and I was asking God to make His direction for my life clearly evident. Well, things are coming into focus more and more for me. He has brought Jim and I to a wonderful church family that worships only about five miles from our house. Of course, I was looking all over even traveling 30 miles to a church in Georgetown. I liked it but I could tell it wasn’t the answer. I know it was God leading me when I saw the sign promoting their fundraiser for medical needs of a member. I’m famous for driving past things and not noticing them until months or years later. God opened my mind, heart and eyes that day in May and led Jim and I to check out the need. We thought we were going to offer a donation to bless someone in need but the Lord blessed us with so much more. The congregation is small, which was just what I thought I needed after attending a much larger church in town. Although Jim has not been able to make Sunday services, he has joined me at their Wednesday night bible study where we all share a meal, pray, and see where the Holy Spirit leads us that night. Almost everyone comes to the bible study, and hugs and smiles are passed all around. I used to visit this church over ten years ago on my way to worship at church in Conway. It has grown from that time when I was often the eighth person in attendance and the congregation is filled with the Holy Spirit. I can’t thank God enough for His answer to my/our prayers. It was worth the wait and I hope I remember this lesson in patience the next time I become impatient. God knows best always!  Thank You, Lord, for your love!