Our plans to spend time at our Cabin in the Sky were changed much to our surprise and shock. Jim and I headed out on Saturday morning, May 31st with expectations for a pleasant trip to the NC mountains. The day promised to be a pleasant one with overcast skies and moderate temperatures predicted. We hit the road in our recently serviced 1998 Cadillac, fully loaded with supplies and our precious pet, Rudy. We’d discussed which vehicle to take and opted for it over our new Chevy Sonic because we’d all have more room, especially Rudy. Of course, we prayed for traveling mercies as we set off and our spirits were high. It had been almost eight months since our last trip there.
As we travelled past Brittons Neck, the road bed seemed to be causing a different sound. Jim was driving and I questioned the sound. He told me that he feared it was a flat tire as he pulled over to the shoulder.
Yes, we had a flat tire on a Saturday morning! We quickly realized we really had no one to call that we could depend upon for help. I reached out in desperation to one party but that person was unable to help for several reasons. It was suggested that we call the highway patrol and so I did. They promised to send help but it took a while for us to really determine where we were on Hwy. 41A until I walked in the direction we’d been heading looking for a crossroad and saw the Centenary town sign. We were only about 30 miles from home but we were stranded. Jim began to feel uneasy and I called for EMS. I’d also tried to get the number for a local fire station since it had been suggested that they might change a tire for us, but that didn’t succeed. I reached an answering machine. Of course, God always takes our “calls” and He knew exactly where we were and what was happening.
As we waited, not too patiently on my part, a pickup pulled next to us and the passenger asked if we needed help. YES! It was a father and son from a nearby home and they apologized for not coming sooner to check on us.
The son immediately began helping me remove things from the well-packed trunk to reach the spare. I’d just had the tires rotated and wondered how we’d gotten a flat, but there was work to be done. When the young man began to remove the spare, we found it was useless, warped and rotted. Now what were we to do? It’s not easy to find someone to come out and replace a tire on a Saturday morning fast approaching noon. The places I knew were all closed on Saturday. Jim asked the father if he had any idea about whom we might call. Sure enough, he knew someone in Marion and had the man’s phone number handy.
He called and everything fell into place although Jim’s and my nerves had been frazzled by the unexpected turn of events. The father and son team stayed with us until the tire was replaced. EMS came and checked Jim out in the meantime and he was okay. We decided that God had sent us a message to return home and rethink our trip. Jim and I both thanked the two men profusely and Jim gave them a monetary reward.
As I drove back home, we went over the mishap and praised God for his protection, especially for Jim with his medical problems. If the day had been blazing hot or if the rains which hit after we returned home had come early we’re not sure what might have happened. The father stayed in the road directing traffic around us and surprisingly for that area there was enough traffic, but they were the only ones that had offered us assistance. We knew they’d been sent by God. Who could doubt that and they even knew someone who would come and help us out of a bad situation. We talked about the need to be better prepared and on Monday I arranged for AAA coverage. Yes, the good Lord had opened our eyes to the need for roadside assistance, but He protected us in our dilemma and sent just the right people to help us. God is so good. For once, Miss Impatient(me)actually found joy in our delayed trip. I’ll share that blessing from the Lord in my next post. It reminds me of the TV show of the 1950’s, Father Knows Best.” Yes, Our Father does know best and all our planning is not as important as following His direction. Saturday spoke volumes to both of us!