For me the most difficult fruit of the spirit to practice is patience, followed by self-control. My previous post probably made this opinion quite evident. We live in a society that feeds on instant gratification and creature comforts. We press a button and are used to getting results in seconds. Fortunately, God is in control and real life does not work that way. Looking back, I realize that when I have had to wait for answers to prayer I appreciate them so much more when they are granted. I have been searching for an answer to a perplexing problem in my spiritual life for over a year now. I have asked for prayer from faithful disciples that I know but have been frustrated by not being certain as to where the Lord was leading me. I referred to this quest in my last post. Well, shortly after posting my entry on Sunday, I believe I am beginning to see the light at the end of this tunnel. Praise God for His mercy and compassion! 

I met a woman at a fundraiser Jim and I attended in our community on Tuesday. She was filled with the Holy Spirit and her joy poured out to both of us. Her love for others was so evident and her face glowed with God’s love. Her warmth and sincerity as she spoke about her church family was a delight for me to witness. I suddenly realized that my confusion and feeling of being in limbo might be coming to an end. I’ll know better as I patiently wait for God to make clear His direction for me.

Jim and I are off to the Cabin in the Sky tomorrow and I intend to dig deep in the Word and stay in fervent prayer for myself and others. To God be the glory!