I’m embarrassed to see that it’s been two weeks since my last entry. I’ve been waiting on God for a new direction in my spiritual life and have experienced much confusion and emptiness. I can remember Beth Moore writing about a time when she felt alone or unable to hear God’s voice. That is she wasn’t hearing from Him as she usually did. I had never experienced that feeling and hoped I never would. Unfortunately that is where I now find myself. I stay in His Word and in prayer asking for guidance. I’m trying to be patient and quote encouraging scripture to myself and speak with my Barnabas, my husband Jim. I feel frustrated but I think back to the surprising ways God has worked in my life in the past and I know in my heart that an answer will come. My favorite verse, Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God” brings me comfort and peace. Right now I am enjoying the peace and quiet of my home. I spend many hours surrounded by his beautiful creation and praise Him for it.

After church this morning, I picked some blueberries and was blessed by a goldfinch that searched for something in the leaves a short distance from my feet. He splashed the leaves all about and at first I thought he might be hurt, but then he grabbed his treasure and flew off. I smiled to myself and thanked the Lord for the opportunity to see the little fellow. I need to be more like that little bird and be content with the world around me right now. Rejoice in the time at hand and wait on the Lord. He is in contol and when it is the proper time He will reveal what He wants me to do next. I can’t believe the way He has used me in the past and I look forward to whatever He brings next. He is my Rock and my Redeemer and that is what is important for me to remember. I am His child, He loves me and will never forsake me. So for now I will enjoy this quiet time, focus on Him and His love and wait for His answer.