Our Father, Creator, has shared some everyday blessings with us that I used to take for granted. During this season of spring and new beginnings, I keep praising Him for those that especially touch me. For example, I’d transplanted a wisteria vine two years ago and over a month ago I realized that the February ice storm had “killed” it. Well, it had broken off right at the ground when I’d tried to break a piece of the stem to check for life so I accepted the loss but was disappointed. Two weeks ago I noticed a small shoot beginning where the vine had been. Probably a weed of some sort or other, but I decided to watch it. Early this week, I could tell that it was the wisteria vine. Thank you, Lord, for your creations, big and small. What may appear dead, may still have life and that goes for some of our dreams and hopes for the future. I need to depend on God more faithfully. What appears lost may just be on hold. Only He knows the perfect time for everything under His Heaven. Open my eyes, Lord, and help me to see!

I almost missed one of His small creatures this morning as I walked our house pup. Rudy refused to move and looked to the side of our dirt road. Impatiently I told him to come along. His ears were up with excitement, but I saw nothing. He seemed so alert that I decided to slow down and observe the undergrowth of tangled vines and brush. Sure enough, there was a rabbit. The little fellow seemed unconcerned with us and slowly turned searching for more to nibble on. Rudy and I both stood in awe watching and enjoying his activity. A few minutes later he was gone, but both Rudy and I had been blessed with an early morning vision of beauty.

As I grow older, I find I appreciate the little things more. Nature has come alive and I value the sights and sounds the Lord shares with me. My joy at seeing the first hummingbird this year was remarkable. I knew they’d be back and kept watching the feeder, but as the days passed I was getting impatient. Then one morning there one was in all his splendor and I couldn’t wait to share the news with Jim. This year the hummingbirds have even had an opportunity to explore and feed from the late blossoms on our Japanese quince. I love to watch them buzz about in and out. They seem like such happy little guys!

Help me remember, Lord, to “stop and smell the roses” as the song goes. Your creation is beyond my comprehension and a true joy to behold. Thank you for the beauty all around us! Each season offers treasures to behold if we but look around and stop long enough to drink them in and hold them in our hearts. Help me to appreciate the simple things of life in this busy, busy world.