As I get older and my faith continues to strengthen, I see God at work more and in my life. I know we are not always given smooth passage from one day to the next and that God can use the difficulties we encounter to guide us to maturity. I pray more and more and earnestly seek His guidance in my life. I used to only pray about the big things and felt that simple mundane activities were a waste of God’s time, but I have come to understand that He appreciates our daily dialogue with Him. He wants to hear about our frustrations as well as our joys and of course, He loves to hear our praise for the things He enables us to experience.
This week began with an unbelievable Easter Sunday. Jim and I have a tradition of attending Christmas Eve services together and although he has to deal with chronic pain issues he has not missed a Christmas Eve service in all our fifteen Christmases together. We have not fared as well in regard to our attendance together on Easter Sunday. Some years he has just not felt up to going with me. Well, this year I truly wanted to attend the Easter Sunrise service at Bucksport at 6:30AM. I mentioned it to Jim and he said he wanted to go also. I thought how hard it was for him to get going in the morning, but I prayed that God bless us with this one together.
Easter Sunday I had the alarm set for 5:00AM, and Jim and I both got up. The weather was really nasty with rain off and on as I walked our house pup in the dark. Jim asked if I thought the service would still be held. I said it would, but I did have doubts. I especially wanted to go with him because we never really know how much more time we will be able to spend together. God has blessed us with fourteen years and we hope for many more, but we know that it is all in God’s hands. As we grow older, I appreciate each day more and more. Anyway, Jim felt up to going and we bundled up in rain gear and took off at 6:10AM.
People were there and we were pleased to see that there was an outside covered area that would offer some shelter. The wind gusted at times, but the music and love for the Lord was evident on everyone’s face. I didn’t hear any grumbling and there was joy in the air.
Praise God in everything and on all days, especially on a rainy, wet, windy Easter Sunday.
When the service was over, I asked Jim if he was up to going to a restaurant for Easter breakfast. He was! Praise God! We headed into Conway and checked out J&J Cafteria and Conway Motor Inn. Both were closed, but I was happy with that too. Hopefully the employees were enjoying their Easter Sunday also. We decided to go to the ever dependable Waffle House and were again blessed to see our favortie waitress, who loves the Lord and has a smile that could light the world. We both received big hugs and she even pecked Jim on the cheek, telling him that he looked much better than the last time she’d seen him. Yes, we shared God’s love with another Christian and spoke of family concerns. We pray for her daily and she prays for us!
As we returned home, we both thanked God for enabling us to have such a wonderful beginning to His day! We serve a living God and He blessed us with so many happy memories this Easter morn. The gift of Christ Jesus is beyond anything we could ever conceive on our own, but the Lord has given us the promise of eternity with Him if we but believe and follow Him. Yes, our Easter was outstanding and to God be the glory!