Having just finished reading a truly inspirational book, Miracles Are For Real, by James Garlow and Keith Wall, I reflected on the miracles I have experienced in my own life. Yes, I can witness to the fact that miracles still happen!

The Lord has blessed me with many miracles, some big and some small. The first one that I wanted to share involved a dear pet that moved with Jim and me to our Conway home. Muffin, a Golden Retriever, was a true delight most of the time and a good watch dog. I’d originally found her in Conway when I’d gone to purchase a Golden Retriever stud that was advertised for sale. Blaze, the male, was just what I wanted, but the owner was determined to sell the female, Muffin as well. Well, I already owned a female and really wasn’t interested. I’m a dog lover, however, and it didn’t take much to convince me to get her too. So Muffin joined me in Kingstree in 1994 and although she didn’t like to be in a kennel, she was a wonderful addition to my brood. She graduated to yard dog/gate keeper quite quickly.

When Jim and I relocated her and my other darlings to Conway, she became a true challenge. She became an escape artist. I wanted to protect her in her new environment and also didn’t want her to bother any new neighbors so we attempted to keep her penned up when we weren’t there. Think again! She was determined to break out and we fought a mostly losing battle until we moved there. She seemed satisfied once we were living there too.

Unfortunately as Muffin aged, she became terrified of thunder storms. Jim didn’t like dogs in the house and she wanted to be near us when a storm came up. While our house was under construction, I spent many summer stormy afternoons trying to soothe her fears and keep her mellow. The spring of 2002 proved to be an extremely violent one in regard to thunderstorms and I had to resort to giving her tranquilizers. The pill had to be given about 30 minutes before the storm hit and then she’d be absolutely zonked out. I’d feel bad when hours later she’d still look drugged or hung over, but I didn’t know what else I could do.

Once she was so agitated when a storm came up that she used her teeth to drag a large dog kennel (8 ft. x 12 ft.) off the concrete pad upon which we’d placed it! The next day Jim took the tractor to put the pen back in place. I couldn’t believe it but thankfully her mouth and teeth were unharmed. Well, this problem continued and my nerves as well as hers were at a breaking point as I tried to watch weather reports and administer the pill before storms hit.

One night after Jim and I had gone to sleep I was awakened by a huge crash of thunder and saw lightning flash outside. A horrible storm had arrived and Muffin was absolutely frantic. I was tired, sleepy and at my wit’s end. I can remember crying and pleading with God to help me out of this situation and bring her relief. I just didn’t think I could deal with this problem any longer. After praying, I went to her to give her the pill, thinking better late than never. She looked at me and got into her kennel and laid down before I could even try to give her the tranquilizer. I couldn’t believe it. Yes, God had answered my prayer immediately and granted a miracle that I appreciated so much. Muffin never really liked storms, but from that night on she was able to tolerate them. My vet was amazed when I related this because he’d never known a pet to get over this fear, especially after tranquilizers were used. I gave the Lord all the credit, because truly a miracle had happened. Muffin lived another six years and never reverted to the terrified pet she’d been before that memorable night. The Lord truly blessed her and me. The only explanation was that a miracle had occurred.