Recently I lost a dear lady that I came to know through our Sunday School class and my husband’s aunt passed away this past week. Two Christian treasures gone in less than one week! As believers, all is not lost for we will see one another again one day and that is so comforting. Their funerals, however, made me think of some comments I’ve heard from mourners of close family members. Comments like “I’m the last one left in the family,” “I’m all alone now,” and “there’s no one but me now!” We may feel like that but we’re never alone. We have been adopted into God’s family. He is our Father, and Christ Jesus is our brother. How blessed we are in the realm of eternity.

As an only child, I was accustomed to a very small intimate family network, basically just my parents and maternal grandparents. I was happy to expand my family when I married but when my first husband succumbed to cancer, I lost contact with that new branch. My mom passed a year after my first husband and my dad only survived for four more years. Thankfully, I’d married Jim, my encourager and loyal
supporter but my past life was gone within a very short time. Yes, it was sad, but along with Jim I still had and will always have God and Christ with me. As believers, we are promised that God will never forsake us and our faith is built on Christ, our Rock and Redeemer. Clouds get in the way when we experience such loss, but as long as we look to the Light we will be comforted and healed. Our Redeemer lives!