God is good! Jim introduced me to the joys of North Carolina, especially the Blue Ridge Parkway, Pisgah Inn, the English Chapel, and Lake Junaluska Assembly shortly after we were married. I especially loved the Junaluska area and when we stayed there my favorite thing to do was walk around the lake and enjoy the Rose walk. We considered buying a home on the grounds and viewed a few in 2005. It is so beautiful there, but we had some reservations. We have pets and they are not very dog friendly. The mountains drew us back year after year and after some discussion we decided to look at real estate in the Blue Ridge area. I searched online and found some interesting property outside of Elkin. Jim was concerned that the elevation might not be sufficient to bring us a change from the summer heat, but we decided to ride up and check things out in September 2007. I’d found one piece of property with an antique outbuilding on it and wanted to see that one in particular. Well, as we left our Conway home, Jim commented that it would probably take us some time, possibly years to find one that we both loved. I remember vividly praying silently: Dear Lord, If it be Thy Will, please help us find just the right place and make it evident to both of us when we do. My prayer was answered on that very trip.

We spent the first night in Elkin. NC and planned to look at my antique bldg. first thing the next morning. We saw it and it was not at all what we’d hoped for. We called two real estate offices, one that turned me off immediately with the pushy sales person and the second which seemed to be more compatible with us. We drove to Sparta, NC and met Lou Morrison. He was so easy-going and agreeable!   We set out to look at a property within our price range in Ennice. It was a nice neighborhood but the property only had one large tree on it. That truly disappointed me. I asked Lou if there were others with more trees and he showed us a picture of a house surrounded by woods. Yes!! We asked to look at it next and followed him on the Blue Ridge Parkway and then down a few winding roads and up a steep hill to the house. We were astounded that it was less than two miles off the parkway. It was in a serene quiet area with no other house visible.. The entire property was wooded except for the clearing around the house. No lawn to mow! The interior had rough-hewn mahogany wood on all the walls except for the kitchen. Oh, I thought this is perfect, but what will Jim think? Remember this is only our second viewing. Jim asked me numerous times if I really liked it and I kept saying yes. We both liked it. It suited our tastes – rustic, private and definitely off the beaten path. Jim was always concerned with security, but he felt this place was beyond the reach of the criminal element. We talked a bit and then decided it was a blessing from God. That very day we went to the real estate office and signed the option to buy. All this and now it was only lunchtime!!! God had answered my prayer in a quicker and better way than I could have ever imagined. Each time we returned before the closing we loved it even more. By the end of November it was ours and we spent a few days there before Christmas. What a tremendous gift the Lord gave us that year! Jim named it quite appropriately “Cabin In The Sky.” Oh, and our dogs love it too. In fact, our little guy, Rudy was another gift from God for Christmas 2011 from Twin Oaks Animal Shelter, right outside Sparta! Yes, God is so good!!