January is a time when most of us focus on resolutions to improve our lives. A few years ago, I began focusing on dedicating more of my life to Christ. It’s been a glorious adventure and I can’t wait to see what happens as I begin blogging about the way He has touched my life. When my first husband passed due to esophageal cancer, I knew it was His love that got us both through the tragedy. My comfort was knowing my husband was secure in His eternal home, but I wondered what I would do with the rest of my life. Well, God definitely took my hand and led me on a path I never would have imagined possible in my wildest dreams.

First, He introduced me to my soulmate, Jim, a retired teacher. We shared a love for the Lord and were married less than four months after we met. We were both Methodists and attended church together faithfully both before and after our wedding. We relocated to his hometown and built our dream home in the country. I brought along my menagerie of cats and dogs and decided to retire after having taught for 25 years so that we would be able to spend as much time as possible together.

My retirement was a prime example of going out on faith. Oh, I’d checked into things and everything seemed to be a go, but when I went for my retirement interview with the state, there were a few hitches. I wouldn’t be covered by health insurance until I reached the age of 55, but that was okay because I could be included on Jim’s plan. I was only 53 when we married, but I was anxious to begin my new life. Then it appeared that I was short some time as well as needing to buy back time in my plan (fourteen yrs. worth to be exact). I was selling my small farm and did have some insurance money from my first husband’s life policy but most of that would be needed to live on as well as we began our new home. I wanted to contribute my share in our new marriage. Maybe I would have to return to teaching, but I’d resigned. Well, my mom had passed away during our courtship. Unbeknowst to me, she had set aside an amount to be given to me that exactly totalled the amount that was needed to fulfill my retirement goal. Her loss was devastating, but the gift she left me took away any doubts I had regarding my decision to retire. I could see God’s blessing on my decision and any lingering doubt was wiped away the first time Jim and I discussed our marriage plans when I saw the rainbow above us on the Conway riverwalk.  

 Ah, the year 2000! My mom had passed on January 15th. Jim and I had visited her in the hospital in mid December with my dad and we returned to New York for the funeral. We married on February 19th and my dad announced he would be moving South to live near us. I was an only child and I felt like God had given me the best gift ever. A new life, a wonderful Christian man as my husband, and my dad back in my life close to us!!!! Yes, there had been tragedy, but there was hope for a new beginning for the three of us. I’ll share more of this tale of God’s hand on us soon.

Jim and I will celebrate our 14th anniversary next month so God has obviously blessed this union.